Our Formula for Making Anything

Article by Sumit Ajwani

The world is teeming with creative individuals who are brimming with innovative ideas, yet many of these concepts remain trapped in the ethereal realm of imagination.

Countless aspiring inventors, entrepreneurs, artists and dreamers find themselves stuck in the space between idea and execution, hindered by dilemmas such as a lack of knowledge, skills, or resources.

As a global producer-led company, our team encounters variety of production challenges every day.

It’s safe to say, we’ve seen it all. And while we wholeheartedly believe that there’s no such thing as a singular “perfect” production process – in fact, our founding vision is to empower producers to break the traditional rules of production – we have found that the most successful projects share a number of steps in common.

Together, these steps make it possible to navigate any production dilemma that may arise and move your idea forward into an outcome.

What’s our formula for making anything?

Step 1: Get to the Right Idea ?

Every project begins with a spark of inspiration and an idea, but the successful projects are focused on getting to the right idea.

Before doing anything, it’s crucial to rightsize your idea based on the constraints of resources and time you have at your disposal.

Maybe your idea is to create the next great app – rather than try to build the entire app, what’s one function you can prototype or demo right now that will start you on the path right now? With something concrete in hand, you’re more likely to succeed at the next step.

Step 2: Rally the Right People ?

Great achievements are rarely, if ever, accomplished alone. Surrounding yourself with the right people is crucial to getting an idea off the ground and keeping momentum.

The best collaborations involve a team of cross-disciplinary experts who contribute disparate knowledge, skills, and experiences, and share a passion for bringing an idea to life. If you’ve shown why your idea needs to be made, you’ll attract like-minded people.

You’ll notice I didn’t bring up hiring or money.

Great ideas motivate people first, and then money makes it possible to dedicate space and time. But, if an idea truly motivates people, you might be able to get it made for little to no money at all.

Step 3: Plan and Move Together ?

Having a solid, thought-out plan is essential to transform ideas into reality.

Align on objectives, map out the path ahead, set achievable milestones, and empower everyone on the team to contribute their unique perspectives. Investing in planning allows you to move forward and work together towards a shared vision with fewer derailments and with greater focus, fueling momentum and progress.

Think of a film script or a blueprint when building a house – a plan that everyone can read and contribute to means a team can move together.

Step 4: Cultivate an Environment ?

Create an inclusive culture that fosters collaboration, curiosity, and creativity. That means establishing an environment where individuals can work together without fear, ego or judgment, and are empowered to speak honestly.

A common assumption is that this happens organically, but the truth is, it requires work – and it’s worth it. Encourage open communication, diverse viewpoints, and provide a safe space for experimentation and failure.

By nurturing an environment that values empathy and active listening, you’ll unlock the full potential of your team and the idea they’re working on.


Step 5: Solve Hard Problems Together ?

Challenges are the gateways to growth. Don’t avoid the difficult problems, embrace them as opportunities to innovate and learn.

This is much easier to do when you have the right team focused on the right idea in a collaborative environment. Keep in mind: executing a great idea is a marathon, not a sprint. Problems arise in every project – what’s important is how you handle them. Overcoming hurdles leads to breakthrough solutions but it also builds trust, which fosters better collaboration.

Step 6: Make Cool Shit ?️

This is the ultimate goal: transforming ideas into tangible, awe-inspiring creations.

Leverage the collective talent and expertise of your team to build something remarkable.

Embrace a mindset of continuous improvement, iterate, and refine.

By following this formula, anyone can turn an idea that lives in their imagination into a tangible outcome. Let’s ignite creativity, build remarkable experiences, and leave a lasting sustainable impact on the world.

And remember: there are no excuses except for the ones you create for yourself. All it takes is one small step to move your idea closer to reality.