We are Makers, a new breed of Producer.

We are a worldwide collective of producers who harness the principles of production— collaboration, efficiency, and expertise—and apply them to any discipline. Whether you want to create filmed content, immersive experiences, high-tech engagement platforms, or even build houses, partnering with Makers ensures any project gets done, better.

Partner with us to make your idea a reality.

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The Team

A Maker is a rare breed of Producer that not only excels in their chosen field, but who can apply the principles of production to anything across disciplines, mediums, budgets, and schedules. Our Makers worked in a myriad of sectors prior to joining our collective. What they share is common nature; they are people who can and do. And who make it look easy.

Katie Lafferty

Andrew Giles

Jonny Pottins

Carol Boate

Erica McCartney

Sumit Ajwani

Shawheen Khorshidian

Will Olsen

Nicole Camus

Jordan Johnson

Dan Bannister

Pat Elia

Sam Hall

Zaabelle Singh

Antonietta Emmanuel

Irina Grozavescu

Tasha Jameson

Lily Mullins

Adele Reeves

Lori Ceravolo

Brock Marlborough

Jess Parsons

Vanessa Gloux

Sam J. Hall

Taylor Childs

Angela Lee

Jessica Holloway

Mena Rizk

Anna Smoliy

Diane Jackson

Lauren Wheeler

Scott Ramsden

Michael Hilewitz

Samantha Sheppard

Tiffany Tse

Victoria Miller

Olivia Timms

Keith Clarkson

Taero Robertson

David Fagbenro

Roma Ahi

Paul Curtin

Booker Sim

Sophia Clark

Cat Chiang

Devika Smith

Mike Kirsh

Kirsten White

Bryan Han

Mike Garrod

Lindsey Williams

Alex Dvorkin

Maria Elena Lopez-Frank

Fezz Stenton

Mikayla Moyer

Ziyad Patail

Jeremy Sager

Ruthie Luff

Julia Morris

Andrew Stokes

Sophie Chapman-Andrews

Michael Kennedy

Bre Hutchins

Piper Ainsworth

Alyssa Ryan

Shayda Omidvar

Jackie Pal

Dana Klyszejko

Andrea Wong

Ugo Obi

The Work

We partner with innovators, dreamers, brands, start-ups, philanthropies, VCs, studios, and creative agencies to make anything, anywhere. Here’s a selection of some of our favorite results.


The Latest

Our team is always up to something. Keep up with the latest and greatest news, interviews, and updates from our network.



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