Pepsi Rebrand Launch

As seen during Super Bowl LVIII

Pepsi has been around for a whopping 125 years and to celebrate this milestone, they revamped their visual identity across all products. To unveil this new look across the globe, we worked with Pepsi’s in-house creatives to realize their vision of showing this new logo anywhere and everywhere in a new commercial campaign.

This idea tested our production problem-solving from start to finish. We began by shifting our shoot of 9 real-world environments from analog production to LED volume walls and reduced our production schedule (and environmental impact) by 24 days. We then introduced cutting-edge tech like 3D printing custom rigs and layering in AI technology in post-production.

Thanks to an amazing handpicked team of production partners, we brought this global can-paign to life.  

Using custom, 3D printed camera rigs and a volume wall, we shot 9 environments showing all the places Pepsi can be enjoyed in daily life.