Makers Originals


Makers Original Content creates impactful branded content, feature films, documentaries, episodic series and live broadcasts for a global audience.


Death: A Series About Life

Documentary Series: 6x60min // A sweeping documentary series project that aims to demystify death by examining the beliefs, practices, traditions and art on the subject of Death and dying.

Down With Love

Documentary Series // An enlightening documentary series that explores love and relationships among individuals with Down syndrome. From a couple who are moving into their first apartment together to a gay man navigating dating in the LGBTQ+ community, DOWN WITH LOVE explores the unpredictable world of love, dating and relationships while revealing unexpected joys and challenges along the way

The Mermaid Club

Animated Short // LAYLA is a playful, curious, athletic mermaid with something that sets her apart from her fellow undersea citizens—in a world full of merfolk with tails, she has tentacles. Yes, this makes her look different from her friends, but more importantly, because she’s always had to move through the world differently, she is able to see things in a unique way and thus create adventure, magic, and learning wherever she goes.

World By Drone

Documentary Series: 6 x 30min // This epic series offers rare glimpses of our earth's most treasured landmarks, all seen from breathtaking heights. From the otherworldly landscapes of Zion National Park to the impossible greenery of the Amazon, WORLD BY DRONE offers a birds eye view of our magnificent planet, all captured with a 4k drone.


The Blind Couple From Mali

Feature Documentary // A Documentary about the remarkable lives and Career of blind African music sensations Amadou & Mariam set against the backdrop of recording their latest album. This is the story of triumph over adversity, finding hope in a chaotic world, and most of all spreading joy through music.

Hair of The Bear

Feature Film // Dramatic. Timely. Fiercely inspiring. Hair of the Bear is an examination of teenage mental health amidst the heart-pounding momentum of an action thriller. It tracks the journey of Tori as she transitions from victim of anxiety to born survivor in a brutal and unforgiving environment.


Documentary Series // This series takes you into the hidden worlds of six carnivals around the world. To understand what really happens when 100 million people come together every year we’re telling the story of the communities for whom Carnival is a way of life. The full spectrum of the human experience played out on our streets - from struggle, persecution and conflict to joy, identity and freedom.