Video Game

Drifter: A Balloon’s Journey

Inspired by the low poly art style of the early 2000s, we embarked on a journey to concept, develop, and launch Drifter, our very own mobile game. Teaming up with partners, Linda & Linda and Metatecture, we created a visually stunning game world unlike any other within the App Store, built on the Unity engine.

Gameplay is simple, players guide Ruby the Red Balloon through levels, collecting points to unlock achievements while drifting through the picturesque environment. Building this graphic-dependent environment, however, was not so simple. After numerous iterations, some setbacks, and a lot of hard work, we launched the app globally bringing Ruby’s big adventure to phone screens everywhere.

Follow the journey of Ruby the Red Balloon as she soars through the skies, dodging birds and obstacles to complete each level and unlock achievements along the way.