Documentary Mini-Series


Status: In Development

Every year, Carnival brings 100 million people out onto the streets in an unadulterated display of human expression. But beyond the costumes and confetti lies a hidden world of symbolism, competition and communities fighting to be heard.

Following multi-part, tension-building format similar to Last Chance U and Cheer—but with a subject matter that offers higher stakes and more depth, Carnival will weave intimate storytelling, vital historical insight and a visual spectacle that is compelling, addictive and educational.

Embedding ourselves with the dancers, musicians and organisers who dedicate their lives to carnival, we’ll understand their motivations, see the fall-outs and join them in their celebrations as they prepare for their most sacred days of the year. We’ll also immerse ourselves in the art form and music that speak through the generations on this powerful platform.

We begin our series with Rio, the mother of them all. But whether it’s the marching bands in New Orleans, the high-society of Venice, the mas leaders in Trinidad or the up-and-coming rappers in Notting Hill, each carnival provides a thrilling new canvas to follow our young revelers.